Adventure Spot at Neemrana Fort

Enjoy breath-taking views as you fly down a series of ultra-strong steel zip lines, securely attached by a harness and pulley – propelled simply by gravity.Trained instructors accompany you to ensure your safety and entertain you with their local knowledge. The tour takes about 2 hours. Find here an awesome experience.zipping at neemrana


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Weekend Gateway Near Delhi | Gurgaon

Flying Fox provides an awesome adventure sports activity near Delhi – Gurgaon. This is an experience of zipping at Neemrana lining at neemrana

This is the most wonderful and full of excitement in the rainy seasons.  So grab this an adventures experience as well as weekend tours at the   neemrana fort. Trip for you and your friends as things to do near delhi. We offer One Get One Ticket Free for On-line Booking. For more details Visit our Site.

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How to plan for your first Zipline Tour in India

Zip lining is one of the most popular adventurous sports which give you the experience of flying between the trees at a height in jungles where birds and monkeys hang out. The list of destinations and things to do for Zipline Tour is endless. It is also important to have the right kind of things and knowledge to enjoy this adventure sport. Planning such an adventure trip is something which can seem like an impossible task. I would recommend you to choose good tour operator for your first Zipline Tour to enjoy it fully.

Zipline Tours

Zipline Tours

Zipline Tour Seasons
Zip lining in India is possible throughout the year because of the different climatic conditions in diverse regions of India. Every month is good for Zip lining in India but in December you will enjoy it most. It is important to know about the safety rules because Zip lining is not allowed to weak hearted people. The Zipline ride comprise a challenging walks, zip wire crossings and participation is not without risk. Now you can explore history and culture on your Zipline Tour because zip lining is not just for tropical, rainforest destinations anymore.
Some Good Places where You Can Go for Zipline Rides
You can find number of amazing places in India for your Zipline Tour. This decision is often based on your budget and the amount of time available for your trip. For all of you who are thinking of to do zip lining for the first time, here is some good places to plan your adventure trip:
You can go Neemrana Fort-Palace, which is 100 km from Delhi International Airport. You can enjoy a unique, exhilarating aerial journey between hill forts and ridge tops located at Neemrana Fort-Palace one of India’s oldest heritage hotels. If you are more adventurous, you can do Zipline ride from one of the highest fort in India like Mehrangarh Fort which is situated 400 feet (122 m) above the city. It is the most impressive as well as the biggest fort of Rajasthan.
Important Things to Know and Bring
It is important to understand all the needs for any adventure sport before going for one. When you are going for a zipline tour, you must be reasonably fit and healthy, a minimum of 4ft 7inches/1m 40cm, at least 10 years old and must weigh less than 115kg. It’s important for you to be regulated for such adventure trip to be a source of enjoyment rather than harming. That is the precise reason why each participant receives a safety briefing and practices on a short zipline before taking the tour. It is advisable to contact your tour operator to carry limited liability insurance for all of you.
This Activity is physically demanding and requires a degree of agility, strength and stamina. If you already know where you are vacationing there are many tour operators who offer a zipline tour option. So be ready to enjoy exciting zipline tours without any fear and be as close as you can get to flying across the top of the jungle and forts.

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Enjoy Adventure Trips and Adventure Sports during India Tours

Mehrangarh Fort in India

Mehrangarh Fort in India

India is too vast and beautiful to capture in just a few words. There are many historical destinations like Taj Mahal, Khajuraho Temples, thrilling caves of Ajanta and Ellora, wonderful forts and palaces that fascinates everyone to this land of incredible diversity.

India also presents many exciting opportunities for those who love adventure sports. You can also try your hand at zip lining here it is an above the world experience. Indian forts are best to fulfill your zipline ride dream, which attracts a large number of adrenaline junkies.

Rajasthan is one of the most famous adventure destinations in India. Some of its sights with amazing forts and palaces make you wonder. If you are an adventure sports lover, then you can enjoy the breath taking views of forts from the sky with the help of thrilling zip lines. It is the perfect place for adventure lovers and you can enjoy everything here from zip lining to high-adrenaline activities with Flying fox Asia.

Flying fox Asia presents you with the Adventure trips to most adventurous places in India. You can enjoy the Adventure Sports like exciting zip lining and Fly the Fox with us at the two most thrilling places of India! First one is the famous Neemrana Fort Palace, which is located 100 km from Delhi International Airport and the second one is Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur, which is the largest fort in India. If you are a beginner, no need to worry! Safety equipments and trained instructors are of course there to help you and escape you from any harm.

A circular journey of 5 to 6 zips with short walks above the great forts will be very thrilling and exciting for your Adventure vacations. This adventure trip would be one of the most memorable experiences.

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Hidden Gems of Delhi

They say that ” In every nook and cranny of Delhi, there is a “Hidden Gem”. Welcome to a new initiative called Hidden Gems which is just about exploring some of these:)

As the country’s prominent and only zipline tours operator, we at Flying Fox are proud to be listed in the Hidden Gems portal !!

So what is Hidden Gems of Delhi?

A bunch of entrepreneurs based in and around New Delhi, offering a variety of services and consumer products for the discerning have come together as a group to promote themselves to pubilc who would only hear about them through word of mouth “.

zipline tours

The site has some other fantastic portals like, and to name a few.

Do check it out and feel free to share it with your friends!!

P.S. – If you are a thrill seeker, looking to experience the ziplines feel free to write to us at You can also give us a call at Tel: +91 9811299700.

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Learn And Enjoy A New Skill on Family Ski Holidays

Has your skiing tan been permanently pigmented since infancy? Or do you, in fact, struggle to tell your gloves from your goggles? Whether you’re a newcomer looking to learn a new sport or are an experienced skier seeking to refresh their skills, we can find the perfect skiing holiday to suit you.

When it comes to skiing holidays, it is vital to be honest about your previous skiing experiences before beginning to plan the logistics of your trip. Whilst we’d all like to be able to claim a near-Olympian level of skiing ability and a natural aptitude for the sport, there’s no shame in admitting you never got around to learning to ski, or that you haven’t previously taken to it as easily as you might have hoped. Being open about your past experiences of skiing will save you a lot of embarrassment in the long run and will help your whole party to plan a holiday that is both enjoyably challenging and satisfying for all involved, with no nasty surprises along the way!

Skiing As A Family.
For families looking to take a skiing holiday together, many winter sports companies offer a variety of different family ski holidays that can be tailored to suit the various requirements or preferences of each family. If you have skied before yourself and feel comfortable leaving the children in the capable hands of a qualified instructor, many resorts offer half-day ski schools. Such schools are usually careful to group students in terms of their ability rather than their age, meaning your child will be simultaneously as safe and as necessarily challenged as is possible, allowing you to take off on your own for a morning of more adventurous skiing than the kids might be capable of. When skiing lessons are over, the family can then re-unite to spend the afternoon skiing together on slopes to suit everyone, or simply relaxing in the ski resort and surrounding area.

Alternatively, if the adults in your party are as new to skiing as the children, you may wish to take skiing lessons all together. In this case, it may be more appropriate and more cost-effective to employ your own private ski instructor. Most ski instructors are happy to take on whole families at a time, adapting their teaching styles to suit the abilities of each individual and choosing slopes and routes accordingly. Children often learn to ski more quickly than adults, so don’t be put off if it’s the kids who are waiting for you to catch up!

Skiing As A Single.
In recent years, the travel industry has seen a major increase in demand for singles activity holidays, as single people learn that activity holidays don’t just have to be a family affair. In fact, going on activity holidays alone not only gives you the freedom to choose a holiday to suit your own personal abilities (particularly useful when it comes to skiing), they can also be a great way to meet new people. When signing up for singles skiing holidays, it is again vital to be honest about your abilities to ensure you are placed with a group of like-minded people! Once you get going, skiing can be a great leveller and, as any seasoned skier will confirm, the après-ski can be just as much fun as the skiing itself!

From quick breaks in budget hostels to all-inclusive holidays in luxurious, catered chalets and from structured, supervised ski schools to independent, white-knuckle races down the black slopes, there’s a ski holiday to suit every budget and every ability.

A seasoned skier herself, Annie Black writes regular articles on sports travel for a range of sports and travel websites and blogs. Having spent her childhood on the slopes during various family ski holidays, in recent years, Annie has sought similar thrills on singles activity holidays in destinations across the world.


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Adventure Sports in India


Flyingfox India

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing good and had a rocking start to 2011. As the winter moves on, today we explore some of the activities that you can undertake to enjoy this cozy atmosphere. Yes, today we explore some getaways in Northern India which are famous for their adventure sports activities.

So here we go, exploring the destinations for adventure trips in North India, where sporty freaks can enjoy to the maximum.


Let us start from extreme north, the amazingly popular Ladakh which offers a horizon of opportunities for lovers of adventure sports in india . The mountain terrains, the river are frequently visited by groups of bikers who visit from the Delhi region. Infact, there are bike lovers who come not only from India, but also from regions as far as United States and United Kingdom.


Move a little down, in the state of Uttrakhand you would find Rishikesh which is famous for its pious and religious beliefs. But apart from that, the land of Ganges is also extreme popular for its water sports activities making it an extremely famous destination for adventure trips. Yes, we are talking about white water rafting in the Ganges. The rafting when combined with a weekend stay in the nearby camps, makes up for a perfect combination for relaxing with a bit of fun.

Gulmarg (Skiing, skating)
If you love ice, you wouldn’t wanna give this a miss. Gulmarg which is also called as ‘meadow of flowers’ is among an extremely popular and exciting destination for skiing and skating. The picturesque surroundings are mesmerizing and at the same a spot to remember for adventure trips lovers.

Neemrana, Rajasthan
Lastly, how can we miss the thrill of aerial Zipline tours J Situated at 122km from Delhi- Jaipur highway in Behror tehsil is the picturesque town of Neemrana. The site is famous for the 14th century Hill-Fort which was ruled by Chauhans till 1947. In addition, to its cultural heritage, Neemrana present India’s first “zip tour”, a thrilling new aerial adventure. A perfect for professional teams who are tired of their work routine. Flyingfox, India’s only zipline tours has been billed by NDTV as “one of the most exhilarating days out from New Delhi.”

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